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01 Juli 2014

Retrospective {May + June}

Die Zeit vergeht so schnell und auf einmal ist es schon Juli! Im Mai und Juni ist ziemlich viel passiert: Ich war für eine Woche mit meinen Freundinnen Natalia und Cori unterwegs in Norwegen, ich verbrachte ein paar Tage in Leipzig wegen eines Auswahlgesprächs, meine Schwester war endlich mal wieder im Lande und unsere Uni-Zeitschrift feierte Release. Außerdem war Ariane mal in Augsburg, ich sah meine Verwandschaft endlich mal wieder, ich war oft mit Freunden weg und ab und zu arbeitete ich tatsächlich an meiner Bachelor-Arbeit. Kurzum: eine sehr erlebnisreiche Zeit, in der mein Blog wieder mal zu kurz kam. Aber ich gelobe Besserung! Spätestens, wenn ich meine Bachelor-Arbeit Mitte August dann endlich abgeben kann. Die letzten beiden Monate von meinem Instagram-Account aus betrachtet. 

EN: It's weird how time flies and now it's July already! During the course of May and June so many things have happend that I find it difficult to remember them all: I spend one week travelling around Norway with my friends Corinna and Natalia (it was so awesome!), I went on a board candidate in Leipzig where I could meet up some old friends, my sister was finally back in Germany (yeah!) and we celebrated the release of our student's magazine, presstige (wuhu!) Besides, I could finally meet Ariane, a lovely girl I got to know from blogging. Furthermore we had a family party where I could see all my relatives again. The rest of the time I was partying with my friends (sleep is overstated...) or writing on my senior thesis (I swear!). In short: it was an eventful time and I had lots of fun. Due to all what happend my blog came off badly - I hope I'll find more time for blogging when I submit my thesis. The last two months according to my instagram account:

instagram-challenge: red things. // my journal. // raspberry love.
And it was all yellow: 1. teatime // 2. delicious food // 3. collection of postcards
Back home: 1. taking analogue pics // 2. »ring for wine« // 3. a bit stressed 'cause my mum wasn't able to take this picture
Release of the new issue of our magazine, presstige // discovering new places is always exciting // we made a night of it 
Augsburg at night + during the day (with Ariane & Natalia
Things I like: journals, smoothies, going out with friends, strawberries, coffee.

On the way to Bergen, Norway (with a short stop over in Copenhagen)
Sightseeing in Bergen + making new friends
Bergen II
Staying at a mansion in Ask
The Crew
(Rainy) Volda
Day trip to Alesund
Last stop: Oslo!
Sunset in Oslo
Zurück in Deutschland // Back to Germany

Sunset in Augsburg
Coffee time in Leipzig // i love lost places! // staying at other places is always fun
on the way // sunset // rooftops
padlock with "love" // travel through time // fun in Augsburg: burgers, sights, shots

Und was waren eure Highlights in den letzten zwei Monaten? // Well, what's been going on in your lives in the last few weeks?